Our proprietary sessions are based on the neuroscience of transformation. Taking your best interest ‘to mind’, individuals are empowered to change. The individual sessions take what your have and build on that with new habits that can serve you for sustainable change — from the inside out.


Individual and group sessions have been created to meet your specific personal and professional goals. The services provided are designed to target specific issues unique to the individual and group inquiries.


Our proprietary sessions are based on the neuroscience of transformation. Taking your best interest ‘to mind’, individuals are empowered to change. This, in turn transforms the individual, their community and, ultimately, the world. The individual and group sessions take what your have and build on that with new habits that can serve you for sustainable change — from the inside out.

Get in touch today to see how an individual or group session will support your change efforts using a unique, integrative approach. This is the time for positive change to transform lives and yourself?



Envision a new future for yourself or your group. What would it be like for you to have more focus, energy and creativity without stress?


Identify habits that keep you from moving toward your best intentions on a personal level.


Use the process, suggestions and tools–nutrition, breathing, meditation to focus we rewire the brain for physical and emotional resilience that supports a new improved reality


Take action to step into a new future as a transformed individual.


  • Distractedness
  • Fatigue
  • Elevated Stress
  • Work/Life Challenges

Over 70% of doctors office visits are due to stress. During periods of stress, our reaction is to disengage. Gallup studies show a staggering 71% of professionals globally are disengaged or actively disengaged. This results in apathy, low morale, and decreased creativity. The end result is poor performance, disinterest and illness. Does this sound familiar?


  • Focused Awareness
  • Increased Energy
  • Improved Wellbeing
  • Unwavering Resilience

When people feel valued, empowered, in alignment with their truth, and believe they are meaningfully contributing, the natural outflow is engagement and a renewed commitment to health and wellbeing. Working with Dr Taylor provides the solid foundation for participants to know the why, what and how to take responsibility for their thoughts and attitudes, leading to more emotional and spiritual wellbeing.


The program is deeply rooted by knowledge and experience. Individual and Group Sessions allow me to serve you in several ways:

  • Explore wellness strategies – anxiety, lack of focus, weight loss, stress
  • Organize ideas to take the first step
  • Rebuild health after addiction recovery
  • Rise above the stress created from toxic work environments
  • Balance work & wellness / self care
  • Take entrepreneur ideas and guide you to the right professionals
  • Serve as a liaison between you and your licensed medical provider
  • Find you a holistic licensed medical provider if warranted



The first step is to get in touch with me. Use the form at the bottom of each page, the Contact page so that I can serve you. You will then receive an email with specifics and times that we can talk.


We’ll discuss the issues that you have whether personally or professionally, helping you identify what your “strengths” and specific “weak points” are, and the optimum outcome you’d like to experience. I take this time to really listen to your needs.

03. PLAN

After thoroughly understanding your personal or professional needs, I will put together a proposal that will outline a specific strategy to support your change efforts.


Depending on your specific goals, there may be additional program customization to serve you. This may include diet and nutrition plans, special clinics to practice additional stress reduction techniques and supplemental practices.


The program is customizable and can be delivered in person or virtually on skype or google hangouts in the convenience of your own space. Sessions can be arranged in increments of 25 – 50 minutes. Longer half-day and whole-day sessions are delivered to small groups.

All plans have an option to include access to a full online resilience training course.


Fees and rates will vary depending on the needs of the client. I would advise you based on what you tell me during our interview and then give you a proposal outlining the strategy with fee structure. At that time, you can decide whether or not to continue with no obligation to you.

Frequently Asked QUESTIONS

I like to think of the sessions as an opportunity to use my expertise and experience to serve you in a particular way. Experience is the key.
It’s at the core of strategy and direction. Without it, you’re either making mistakes or making guesses with your planning. The relationship is typically more casual than a consultant. In these sessions I serve as an advisor, you ask questions and I will have answers, or if not, have the resources to do so. As an advisor, I am able to help your or your group get an urgent problem understood (and maybe solved) quickly.

The word “advisor” comes with ambiguity. What exactly does one do? What are their responsibilities?

Here are a few things that I work with:

  • Focus Your Ideas to Move Forward
  • Improve Professional Skills
  • Customize Lifestyle Management Solutions
  • Improve Self-Confidence and Trust
  • Enable Personal Success
  • Enhance Energy and Wellness with Diet and Nutrients
  • Teach Focus and Calm Being through Meditation

Each person is unique in their understanding and experience. Working individually or in a small group can bring a wealth of experience to a client whether it is a single person or group.

  • Increased skill and knowledge
  • Improved wellness
  • Direction in gaining more focus and clarity
  • Set yourself apart from the normal course of aging
  • Manifest what you envision your life’s purpose
  • Establish yourself as a leader

Anyone can get information from or download one off the internet, but that plan isn’t an integration that works with your lifestyle and designed with your skill set and experience in mind.

If you choose to work with Susan Taylor, PhD you will get a specific solution to meet your need.

Advisor arrangements, at least from our experience, are work for hire situations. We have a terms of service document for our clients to inform them that what they can expect from our session and make sure it is understood that it does not replace any medical and/or legal advice.


"After many attempts to lose weight, I found Dr. Taylor. Working with Susan exceeded my expectations and for the first time, I have been able to be happy with me and actually lose weight with confidence."

"I found Susan Taylor when I was undergoing stress at work. I was told to meditate, but just couldn’t do it. I enlisted in 4 sessions with her and I have not looked back. She rocks!"

"You will not be disappointed in working with a genuine person and if I may say, genius. She really knows her stuff and more. One of the best investments in my life."

"I was expecting the standard approach but this went beyond what I have experienced in the past. Dr Taylor gave me so much of herself and even more that I was able to root up an issue that has been the underlying reason for my stress."

"I did not realize that meditation is supposed to be difficult and that I needed to be trained correctly. One would never know by her demeanor the depth of knowledge that she has. I am so privileged to have had access to a master teacher."