The Healing Power of Meditation

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“In meditation, the art of attending to and in the case of healing, we will be attending to the mind field leading to the Core of Your Being where healing is spontaneous. When the mind is calm and awareness is focused then our mind is likened to laser beam – it is very powerful and can ignite the healing force.”

In this blog, I would like to discuss meditation as a tool for healing.

Although there are different approaches to understanding these profound cases of healing and recovery there has been much cooperation among scholars of comparative religions, sciences and health over the years. Investigations into the connection between spirituality and health started in 1995 and significant to the overlap of these different approaches has been meditation (Murphy, Donovan & Taylor, 1997). There is a strong, growing body of evidence showing the benefits of meditation practices on the science of healing applied to any religious belief system

There is no association with any specific religion, although all religions have been known to use some form of meditation. Just  keep that in mind.

When we hear the word to heal or Healing is most often associated with being ill and having to go to some external resource to recover. Although this is more often the case; we can also utilize external medical procedures in unison with internal practices that promote our mechanisms of self-healing.

Many times we hear of people having a change, sometimes termed a miraculous cure, when we hear the miraculous stories of people’s healing successes, meditation has usually played a significant role in the process.

To heal literally means to make whole and is derived from the same root as to be holy. The healing force is present within us and around us and therefore we are alive. If we turn to science, namely physics, we find “force” defined as:

  • physical power or strength that a living organism possesses
  • strength or power exerted upon an object;
  • strength; energy; power; intensity

So, what is it to be healthy?

To attain a perfect state of health, one has to remain mentally calm, steady and emotionally stable. ‘Swasthya’ means health. It also means being in one’s self. Swasthya or health is not just confined to the body and the mind but it is also connected to consciousness. The clearer the consciousness is, the more well-being is gained. When we attend to our mind through meditation in a systematic way, then we can clear our consciousness if it happens to be clouded by something that is not useful to us.

Dealing with illness

How Does Meditation Work in Relation to Healing?

First of all, in the process of healing, meditation can help people by enhancing their tolerance of negative emotions from unpleasant physical symptoms. This is achieved through the awareness component of meditation.

Additionally when the breath becomes smooth and without pause in meditation it regulates the nervous system and creates movement in the healing channels.

Several scientific studies also suggested that meditation could significantly change the brain’s structure and function, thus improving emotional well-being and overall quality of life.

These findings point to the power of non-judgmental awareness as a method to not only reduce the symptoms of illness but actually reduce the likelihood of illness as well through improved immunity and structural brain changes.

Self-Healing: Your Road to Recovery

So we know that meditation is beneficial and the potency of mindfulness is evidently important for healing but how does meditation truly encourage self-healing?

I have heard it said that the root of an illness is in the mind/consciousness. If you think of your spinal energy as a magnet that allows matter to line up along the path, then whatever your mind attracts will line up along that magnet…So, by attending to the mind, clearing it of any disturbances, the recovery speeds up.

By practicing meditation, the stresses, worries, anxieties drop off and gives rise to a positive state of mind, which has a positive impact on the physical body, brain and nervous system, then illnesses change.

Health and illness are a part of physical nature. You should not worry too much about it. When you worry about illness, you are giving more power to the illness. You are a combination of health and illness. When you keep that in mind and have a positive state of mind, then illnesses change.

Heal the mind – through meditation

Meditation trains the mind to perceive life differently and with this in mind prevents stresses from taking over the organism. Since the mind and body are one, when we have stresslessness, then the body does not shut down its energy pathways. In Science it is said that we are able to deal with things from the top down rather than the bottom up..what that means, instead of having a reactive mind we create one that responds to situation.

The practice of meditation brings a relaxation to the brain, it’s like serving the whole body-mind complex

Creating positive emotions with meditation

First of all, in the process of healing, meditation can help people by enhancing their tolerance of negative emotions from unpleasant physical symptoms. This is achieved through the awareness component of meditation.

On the other side of the coin, dealing with your external environment, just because you are not negative does not mean that you will not encounter negativity.

Did you ever think that when you happy and joyful that you are filling the environment with positive vibrations. And when you are angry or jealous take note that you are filling your environment with emotional pollution. The words that you hear from people around you, can certainly affect your state of mind and many times certainly do. They either give you peace and joy, or create disturbance (such as jealously, anger, frustration or sadness). You’re affected because the mind is not in its Self; it is not centered. Meditation is the key to become centered and keep yourself in a place where you are not affected from ’emotional pollution’.

Spiritual transformation

Spiritual transformation is our ultimate purpose here on the planet. It is really not about who ever has the most toys wins, on the contrary.

Meditation can bring about a spiritual transformation. As you learn more about life, the mystery of the whole creation unfolds. Then the questions that arise in the mind are: What is the meaning of life? What is its purpose? What is this world? What does it mean to love, What is self-knowledge?

Once these questions arise in you, know that you are very fortunate. These questions need to be understood; you cannot find the answers in books. You have to live through them and witness the transformation. That is perfection; you are transformed from within. And the diamond within you, becomes polished and brilliant.

Now you can rest assured knowing that the first line of defense and recovery is already in you. Stay well and most of all Remain Calm.

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