Take Your Meditation Practice to the Next Level

Whether you are looking for  personal growth and development of your meditation practice, or if your desire is to give back by teaching others, teaching meditation will help you get to that next level.

There’s a great need right now more than ever, for people to go deep into meditation and we need well trained teachers to bring the practice of meditation to the people that need it.

To address this need, I created the meditation  teacher training program over a decade ago, and during that time I’ve trained many teachers to help spread the wave of meditation in order to create a more peaceful, sustainable and happier world.

I am sure that you are not surprised when I say that Meditation is Mainstream.

With more than 18 million people participating medical science has paid attention by spending over 100 million dollars in research and producing over 7000 peer reviewed scientific studies. The research provides evidence that meditation benefits health and aging. the research indicates that practicing meditation positively impacts both physical and psychological function including: Some positive outcomes include:

  • decreased stress and anxiety,
  • better focus,
  • improved cardiac function,
  • better pain regulation and
  • better immune function.

These stats show that there is interest, and as the numbers of meditators  continue to grow, we need qualified teachers to meet the demand.

I teach Focused Awareness Meditation because Focused Awareness Meditation  brings together two essential components, awareness and focus, making it a complete meditation practice.  As a bird needs two wings to reach its destination so do we. With awareness we become in tune with ourSelves and we learn to focus this light of awareness on what we want to accomplish. Together these two skills train the mind to be clear, tranquil and one-pointed, in other words, free.  Training your awareness skillfully and with intention allows you to direct the course of your life.

Focused Awareness Meditation  is based on 5 simple systematic steps to bring the mind and body together.

  • The first step is to create a comfortable and Still Posture this helps to promote stability of mind and body.
  • The second step is to Establish Diaphragmatic Breathing.   Diaphragmatic Breathing is essential to link the body and mind together balancing the nervous system.
  • Step three is Systematic Relaxation.  When we relax our body mind and emotions we further quiet our nervous necessary to move into meditation.
  • The fourth step is Breath Awareness. Refining the breath produces an even and steady flow to calm the mind further.
  • The  fifth and final  step is Focus.  Focus is needed to direct the awareness of the mind resulting in uplifting the energetic circuitry of the mind body interface.

The science behind the practice is what makes this so unique and powerful.

By becoming a teacher you develop our own expertise which raises your practice to a higher level .

Your expanded knowledge base of science and practice makes you a thought leader in the industry.

  • As a teacher you represent the authentic teachings of a complete meditation practice backed by evidence-based science.
  • Teaching gives you the opportunity to make a difference and do what you love.

When you teach something it forces you to deepen your understanding so that you can help others to understand and that is the key to teaching.  It is this deep understanding takes your practice to the next level.

The Focused Awareness Meditation Teacher Training Program consists of :

  • a foundation course to deliver the knowledge and skills to build your meditation practice.
  • a full immersion retreat so that you can receive direct transmission of knowledge and hands on teaching practices.
  • a teaching methods course to receive turn key methods of facilitating a 4 series class.
  • a practicum certification session to prepare you to go out and teach as a meditation specialist.
  • continued community support.

This award winning program has supported teachers for over a decade, enabling them to take their practice to the next level.

A  deep immersion and a powerful learning process  are delivered in a blended learning environment through:

  • Didactic teaching
  • Guided meditations
  • Online community for discussions
  • Online course for self paced learning
  • Conference calls
  • Practice sessions
  • Live sessions with founder of program
  • Mentorship available 

These different modes of learning allow teachers to become immersed in science-based practices while having access to a supportive community environment.

Credibility is very important and essential given the many people that are teaching some form of mindfulness or meditation.A  program that  leads to board certification creates credibility.  As a board certified teacher you join a team of highly credible practitioners;

  • You will be able to set up, market and teach classes in a manner and frequency that works with your schedule.  In addition you receive ongoing support with membership forums and calls.
  • And the opportunity to take your practice to the next level and be  part of a group of teachers set out to go beyond the status quo and make a difference.
  • Board certification gives you access to a Global Network of like minded educators – a community with credibility backed by science and practice.

So Take your Practice to the Next Level and become a Board Certified Meditation Specialist.  

Live your dream and do what you love.