Root Up the Issue

4 Steps to Root Up Our Issues

We are all driven by our likes and dislikes, beliefs and non-beliefs, rights and wrongs. Our search for finding out how to be happy and healthy does not need to go any further than exploring our lifestyle habits. When we examine our habits not only of our body but of our thinking process we come to find that our reality is totally a product of all these habits intertwined. How many are in the habit of thinking positively or negatively?

What drives our habits is our deep rooted fears. Anyone who is a gardener surely knows that when pulling weeds the root system extends farther than what what the tiny weed appears to be on the surface. Well, this is how our habits exist.

Can you imagine for a moment that you could direct your life anyway that you want if you could have access to the root of all your habits that don’t support feeling good. If we put the same energy and effort into creating new habits as opposed to supporting habits that are detrimental our world would be a better place.

What if we had the knowledge and eliminated the fear? What if we could get started on a path that gives us the confidence and freedom to make choices and have the awareness of what is true and not true.

The good news is that people are becoming more aware and taking more responsibilities in their health and happiness. We have come to a health crisis and we need to look at What IS? Twice! When we look at the word crisis we can see it is formed with two “is”. For the purpose of this blog I will focus on how to create a new habit one by one.

How we choose to live our life is really up to us and we must take responsibility and make an effort to change if we want something different. The key ingredient to enjoying life is to look at each and every aspect of it as an experience. And that experience can be part of determining in which direction we want to go.

The 5 most important steps to rooting up the issue:

Honestly address your feelings in the situation. Many times it is too difficult or painful to really take a deep look at what we are feeling. We either brush it off or distract ourselves with something else so that we don’t have to face it. When we learn to face what is really bothering us, then we can move on from this and we no longer feed the ailment that has manifested from that feeling.

Don’t judge yourself.

If you find that you have jealousy, anger, animosity, grief or any negative feelings toward something, don’t judge yourself negatively. Keep in mind that we all have the tendency to experience these emotions. Recognize that they are there because of our own deep rooted fears and try to identify the fear that you are experiencing. Once we become aware of these tendencies they are much easier to eliminate.

Nourish yourself.

Nourishment comes on many levels from the foods that we eat to the thoughts and feelings that we feed our mind. Learn to see yourself as a beautiful being that lives in the light of the sun. Sounds maybe a bit new agey, but stepping into light will nourish your entire being no matter what the external circumstances may be.

Let go of a timeline.

Practicing patience is golden. Many want things to manifest immediately and sometimes they do. In my experience it takes practice and more practice. If we work with our breath we learn to let go of regrets of the past and happenings in the future. Breath awareness is the key to being in the moment and not getting ahead of ourselves.

Walk the path of meditation.

Meditation is the quickest and surest way to introduce you to yourself. It is the only path that will reveal your inner workings of your mind. With a daily consistent practice you will find your life unfolding and your view of the world in a brighter light.