Resilience Training

Live on-site workshops for groups with Dr. Taylor, to discover and reconnect to Inner Intelligence through building strength and focus. This training is customized as ½ to 3 day modules to suit the needs of the organization. Learn more…

Live online webinar series to Shift Focus to Reconnect. This series includes 4 live webinars, a self-paced online course and community forum all facilitated by Dr. Susan Taylor. Learn more…

What is the Resilience Training?

The Resilience Training is designed on a model of “well-being” incorporating self-knowledge, self-awareness and self-discipline for participants to focus the energy of their mind to utilize the mind’s potential for themselves and others. Using evidence-based science and practical skills participants develop techniques in breathing, mindfulness and focus, which is reflected in vision, self-identity and empathy for humanity on every level. Benefits of this training include: increased awareness, sustained energy and both physical strength, mental focus and emotional stability.

Research shows that building resilience with the components found in this program:

  • Increases physical and neurological strength
  • Builds new brain networks resulting in overall well-being
  • Reduces and prevents anxiety, depression and distraction
  • Restores optimism

The Resilience Training focuses on shifting focus to discover and reconnect to our inner intelligence. Through training in awareness and focus skills can be applied both professionally and personally.

Resilience Defined

We define resilience as a mindset. It refers to how well you can deal with and bounce back from the difficulties in life. Training in focused awareness integrated with the 3 neurological hubs for resilience —Hara, Head and Heart—provides the skills that allow one to acquire the core components found among those with resilience: confidence, focus and unshakable optimism.

"Uplift your energy because the energy of the mind
is the essence of life." ~ Susan Taylor, PhD.

Why Resilience Training from The Center for Meditation Science

Current approaches to addressing resilience and leadership tend to focus on mindfulness, positive psychology and leadership development.   While these important efforts must continue, the science and practice of training the mind through breath training and focused awareness integrated with nutrient based protocols to support brain potential, provides  a more comprehensive approach through the development of resilience skills.  

The Resilience Training is based on the fact that Resilience starts in the mind and that the mind and body are one.  Therefore, the skill set incorporates fundamental lifestyle habits into the curriculum.  The  training gives participants a skill set that sets them apart from the status quo and can be employed on the job as well as at home and in other circumstances. Through integration of science and practice the Resilience Training offers participants the most comprehensive and practical training currently available fostering an environment of confidence, focus and sustained optimism.

The mission of the Center for Meditation Science is to address Resilience from an inner skill set rather than what is most often seen with outer technical, behavioral and psychological skill sets.  

The Center for Meditation Science has a long legacy of advocating teaching styles and philosophies that engender building resilience and conscious leadership. Resilience Training provides support to key officers, directors and managers, and to employees at all levels, recognizing that everyone has the capacity to live and lead with excellence.  

There are two formats available:  Live Workshops for Groups and Organizations  and Webinar Series with Live Webcasts and Online Study.

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Video Clips from Resilience Training with Susan Taylor, PhD

Founder and Executive Director, Susan Taylor, PhD.

Susan Taylor was fortunate early on in life to have been trained in a tradition rooted in self-knowledge and self-discovery.  After decades of western study, including the rigorous discipline to earn a masters and PhD in science she decided to continue with her early studies and traveled throughout India and Tibet while continuing to write and teach over the next three decades.  As a trained scientist and meditation practitioner, her focus continues to be on the vital connection between mind, medicine and healing – bridging the gap between evidence-based science and the healing practices of the Himalayan masters.   This healing methodology defines her  personal journey, “Where Science Meets Practice” and serves as the foundation for Focused Awareness Meditation.

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Resilience Training October 27, 2018

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