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As humans, our minds are constantly reliving the past and planning the future, creating scenarios that seldom come to past. Over time, the undirected activity can be detrimental to our health leading to anxiety. One way you can enhance your life, improve your intelligence and move beyond the status quo is to shift your focus to build resilience.

In the course, I intend for you to discover the skills to collect, contain and circulate with the energy of your mind, to become established in being and take action in life. The outcome: improved strength, focus and clarity of mind and anxiety free living.




Experience More Energy, Focus and Creativity without Stress

What if you could choose what and how to think by shifting your focus?  What if you could become more aware of the forces that shape who you are and are able to shift focus and improve your energy? According to Susan Taylor, you can. What if you can then take that energy and focus it to become resilient? And, according to Dr. Susan Taylor, you can.

On Resilience, this internationally known teacher, scientist, and prominent author who has been sought by the Department of Defense for her training gives you immediate access to a practice that will change the way you conduct your life. Discover and connect to the innate intelligence that generates our vital energy.

Highlights include:

  • Knowledge based principles to navigate ups and downs
  • Breathing practices to regulate the mind’s fluctuations
  • Focused Awareness practice to strengthen attention
  • Diet and nutrition principles to support a focused and clear mind.

 What’s Included:

  • Recorded webinars of the live events to view
  • Over 3 hours of self-pace online video classes
  • Access to the online community with Susan Taylor as Moderator
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