Meditation Specialist Board Certification Online Exam


Meditation Specialist Board Certification Online Exam

This is the Meditation Specialist Board Certification Registration and Payment for the Online exam.  This test is an open book exam and is part of the Certification process for the MSI-BC.

Note: This is a timed test 1:30 minutes.  You must answer each question and move forward. You cannot go back and change an answer.




The Meditation Specialist Board Certification online exam is a computer-based test offered after completion of the webinar series.

Students who have applied to take the test will be sent a link to take the test. The online test is an open book exam  designed to test your knowledge on Anatomy and Physiology, Meditation Practices and Research in the field of Meditation.  It is composed of multiple choice and true and false questions. Students are given 90 minutes to start and finish the exam in one sitting.    The cost of the exam is $175 to be paid at the site of the exam.

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