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What if you could profoundly change your life by becoming more aware of the forces that are available for you and be able to improve your energy?  According to Susan Taylor, you can.  What if you can then take that energy and focus without stress to increase creativity and improve your happiness and health?  And, according to Dr. Susan Taylor, you can.  

On Focused Awareness Master Class, this internationally known teacher, scientist, and prominent author who has been sought by the Department of Defense and Medical Profession for her training gives you immediate access to a practice that will change the way you focus your life.

Join Dr. Susan Taylor to:

  • Experience the 5 Step Sequence of bringing mindfulness into focus, a program offered to medical professionals and the Department of Defense.
  • Cultivate a systematic practice to serve as your foundation to live a life with confidence, resilience and focus.
  • Free yourself from the limitations imposed by an untrained mind and learn the technique of moving your awareness to freedom and fulfillment.
  • Receive over 3 hours of materials to give you the tools, techniques and teachings to unlock your greatest potential.
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