Living in the Present

Running on the Beach with Dogs

Mindfulness in Focus

Arriving home after traveling for a few days, our Giant Schnauzer, Radha and Irish Wolfhound, Plato come to meet me as if they have not seen me in months. They proceed to follow me around and when I sit down, again I am greeted with delight and a level of exuberance that pays little regard to the fact that we had met just moments earlier. In a way, Radha and Plato have mastered being present with focused awareness. Their minds are devoted to my presence at that precise moment in time.

The nature of our minds as human beings is to either bring the past experiences forward or to fetch the future and anticipate it’s arrival. Our capacity to change as a species in large, resulted from our memory of survival strategies that proved more or less adaptive. A person who is in a state of progress cannot disregard their experiences of the past, but uses them to make the best possible choice in the present moment. According to Vedic wisdom, those that are wise use their memories, but do not allow their memories to use them.

The world is ever changing. All of our experiences have a beginning and an end. To be fully present and focused, we need to cultivate the ability to live fearlessly using our mind both skillfully and joyfully to navigate us on our life’s journey. The key is to recognize that each moment in time is ever changing and that there is no need to hold onto that very moment. If you are a a mountain climber or a surfer, you will find that the joy comes from your present focused awareness during the task at hand. As you are ready to either summit the mountain top or ride the crest of a wave, your mind must be totally focused to make that happen smoothly. Like all things that are of spirit, being present in the moment without the constraints of space and time is the reality. Learn to meditate and you will gain the fearlessness and joy needed to summit your soul.