What is Feeling Good Matters All About?

It is not what we do once in a while that has a profound impact on our life. It is what we do day in and day out that creates habitual grooves in our mind field and produces our physical and emotional footprint. To truly feel good is a matter of holding the space to be happy, prosperous and fulfilled in all aspects of our life. To do this we need consistency in our practices to build a solid container that will hold and nourish the energy needed. When our lifestyle habits become consistent, comprehensive and well-balanced we no longer walk through life but dance, no longer carry fatigue, but vitality, no longer struggle with our duties, but approach them with ease.

"Feeling Good Matters" Is the Vision of Susan Taylor, PhD. Feeling Good Matters is based on 5 core processes to Build Physical and Emotional Resilience. Content is designed to provide nutrition and meditation practices backed by science that are focused to support a consistent lifestyle that fuels your best intentions. Resulting in total vitality.
Here is an audio that will help your bring this vision into your own life. Susan will be introducing new courses, books and podcasts for "Feeling Good Matters."

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Have you ever arrived at work with no detail of how you got there? When you started from home on autopilot, you thought about if you have your keys, wallet and cell phone, but somewhere along the way, your brain moved onto more interesting topics, and the next thing you knew, you’d arrived. This is the essence of habits – once you start on a familiar series of actions, you stop thinking about them, and you are able to complete them without conscious thought or attention. This can be both a boon and a bane to us as it frees up our minds, but also makes it difficult to stop a habit once it’s started. Let us show you practical ways to create the habits that support the lifestyle that you want.



A nutritional biochemist and meditation practitioner for more than 35 years, Susan uses a unique science-based approach to help you nourish your brain and balance your mind. She integrates the sciences of nutrition and meditation to help you become more conscious of what and how to eat to fuel your body … and aware of how those foods feed your mind. By continually replenishing your neurological hubs —hara, head, heart — you’ll feel happier and more balanced. Learn how to master your vitality and fulfill your purpose in life with focus, energy, integrity and passion.

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