Karen Woolfe RN, MS, ANP-BC, MSI-BC

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After studying with Susan and learning and practicing Focused Awareness meditation, and the clinical evidence that backs it, I advocate this type of meditation to patients. After completing the online course, I was hooked through Susan's support, homework assignments and explaining concepts thoroughly and allowing time for practice. Taking this online class really helped me hold myself accountable to practice.
The joy I get from the positive feedback from students and the experiences they share after 1-2 sessions is priceless. I have taught several informal classes as well as 1:1 and group classes. There are countless accounts of clients that came in very "high strung" telling me that they are sleeping better and able to relax a bit more. I actually had a client with a history of panic attacks and anxiety have an anxiety attack when I was doing a 1:1 session with her. I guided her through 10 minutes of Focused Awareness Meditation, and she was able to abort her panic attack.

~ Karen Woolfe RN, MS, ANP-BC, MSI-BC

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