Heidi Audet, B.A., ERYT-500, AAYS, AHC, CMY-Master Trainer, CMSII-BC

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After completing Dr. Susan Taylor's Evidenced-Based Meditation program, I was filled with deeper understanding on a scientific level regarding the benefits of breathing and meditation practices. Dr. Taylor's Focused-Awareness Meditation Training has given me the tools to educate my students more completely as I lead them in meditation. Her teaching style makes the information accessible while providing the highest quality of information.
Through the FAM program, my students gain deeper understanding of self and are reaping the benefits of Focused Meditation. I am even able to use the breathing techniques in FAM to help some of the Middle School athletes I coach. The practices are very helpful to those struggling with anxiety. It simply works.

~ Heidi Audet, B.A., ERYT-500, AAYS, AHC, CMY-Master Trainer, CMSII-BC

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