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We created the Meditation Specialist Competency Program because we believe in something more. More than just a credential but a quality of experiential education to raise the standards of what is currently being offered. Our goal is to raise the bar in quality of knowledge and service to have a greater impact on those seeking quality of life. We teach a systematic approach to focused awareness — mindfulness in focus—into a result oriented evidence-based practice. Our meditation training provides the most comprehensive integration of art and science currently available to those seeking personal and professional training.

The Course provides techniques and technologies that are an effective, evidenced-based solutions for stress and anxiety. The Meditation Specialist Certification training combines live, interactive web classes, home study and in person retreats. You will learn techniques, treatment protocols, assessments and more designed to achieve quick and sustainable results with your clients and patients experiencing anxiety, depression, pain and more.

Get Certified July 4, 2015