Food to Focus with Susan Taylor, PHD

What is the Food To Focus?

What you eat has a tremendous effect on the quality of consciousness that you experience. The food we eat has a significant influence on our mind and brain. Utilizing your diet and nutrients in a precise and systematic way with practice will provide you the foundation to live with energy, focus and creativity without stress.

What science tells us. . .

A distracted mind loses its ability to perform at your peak with clarity and precision; leaving you fatigued, anxious and subjected to stress. When focused, the mind can be used to accomplish goals, enhance creativity and ultimately fulfill your life’s purpose.

In the course, You’ll discover the skills to make food do more for you than just appeasing a quick fix of unsustainable magnitude . Blending western science with the wisdom of ancient healing traditions the curriculum sheds light on the root cause of issues stemming from an unfocused mind and provides practical guidance.

Benefits of this training include: increased awareness, sustained energy and both physical strength, mental focus and emotional stability.
Research shows that certain dietary patterns and nutrients are correlated with:

  • Physical and neurological strength
  • Building new brain networks resulting in overall well-being
  • Reducing and prevents anxiety, depression and distraction
  • Feelings, Thoughts and overall optimism.

Focus your mind to walk in the light of your full potential.

Focus Defined

The ability to collect, contain and circulate the energy of the mind and direct it where intended.

Why This Program

Do You Crave Deeper, More Authentic Knowledge Of The Role Food Plays in your ability to focus and remain calm?

  • Are you perplexed by the seemingly infinite theories on the best ways to eat and live for optimal brain function?
  • Do you want to look at diet and nutrition integrating the best from both a western and eastern scientific paradigm?
  • Have you been wanting to address the root issues that cause issues leading to brain fog and fatigue?
  • Are you ready to be empowered to focus enough to rise above the tumultuous environment?
  • Do you want to know so much more about food than its physcial elements?

Current approaches to food tend to focus on macro and micro nutrients and not include the subtle qualities of foods effect on consciousness. While physical elements are important an effort must be made to understand foods subtle qualities. Because ultimately what and how we eat affects our consciousness. Knowing the science and practice of how and what to eat serves to get us started but we must explore the other elements of food to go beyond the status quo.

Food to Focus is based on the fact that what you eat has a tremendous effect on the quality of your thoughts and actions. Therefore, the course incorporates authentic science and practical strategies into the curriculum. The course gives participants the foundation skill set that can be employed in a practical lifestyle. Through integration of science and practice, Food to Focus offers participants the most comprehensive and practical training currently available to shed light on what is currently being offered in diet and nutrition.

The mission of Food to Focus is to address both the physical and psychological qualities of food to shed light on issues of fatigue, lack of focus and stress.

The Center for Meditation Science has a long legacy of advocating teaching styles and philosophies that engender building programs to empower those to train the energy of their mind because what we focus on we become, making the energy of our mind the essence of our life.

There are two formats currently available for Food to Focus: Live Workshops for Groups and Organizations and The Webinar Series with Live Webcasts.

This Program is Perfect for Those who Want To. . .

Empower Themselves

The mission of Food to Focus is to address both the physical and psychological qualities of food in order to address issues of fatigue, lack of focus and stress.

Deeply Know and Experience How to Nourish the Brain and Focus the Mind

  • You’re interested in diet and nutrition, but not just popular diets. You recognize that food is more than just calories, macro and micro nutrients, and you want to know how to use food to your benefit.
  • You want to know what happens to your mind and mood when you eat and drink certain foods and beverages, so that you can decide exactly how to fuel yourself.
  • You’re curious about how food might interfere with how you think and feel, and how you can determine what isn’t working for you.
  • You are aware that you can use diet and nutrition as a holistic means to support a more focused and tranquil mind and you want to become well versed, so that you can do your own research to empower your own decision making abilities.

Program Details

Our habits revolving around diet are deeply rooted in our upbringing and cultural happenings. We are told many conflicting facts about diet and nutrition and don’t know what to believe. If we explore the fundamental principles of a sound diet, we can derive optimal nourishment for our brain which is reflected in our thinking and being.

You are an individual with a unique biochemistry. In order to optimize your mind brain function, you must pay attention to the foods that support your individual metabolic needs. This webinar focuses on the 3 types of metabolism and the foods that support optimal function.

Everyone has experienced that it is easier to change many things other than our dietary habits. When we make oneself a nutritional laboratory, we gain tremendous insight into what foods to eat and not to eat.

We know that food is more than it’s macro and micro nutrients. Food has a subtle energy quality that within 40 days creates our consciousness. It is therefore important to discover the subtle aspects of energy with what and how we eat.

The brain has needs like the rest of the body for detoxification and nourishment. When we supply the necessary nutrients obtained from herbs that are grown and harvested with proper practices then the benefits are outstanding. In this current climate, it is imperative to have an understanding of some of the most revered plants that have been used for centuries to support focus and clarity.