Focus Your Mind — Master Your Body

When we bring the light of our awareness to a point of convergence rather than having it become dissipated, we create an energetic hub. In this hub, we actually change our cellular mechanisms.

Why Focus?

According to the Webster Dictionary…The Latin word focus meant “hearth, fireplace.” In the scientific Latin of the 17th century, the word is used to refer to the point at which rays of light refracted by a lens converge. Because rays of sunlight when directed by a magnifying glass can produce enough heat to ignite paper, a word meaning “fireplace” is quite appropriate as a metaphor to describe their convergence point. From this sense of focus have arisen extended senses such as “center of activity.”
With that said, why focus? When we take the light of our awareness and bring it to a point of convergence rather than having it become dissipated, we create an energetic hub. In this hub, we can actually change our cellular mechanisms. We all know that if we focus on something we are happier and that we feel different than when we are out of focus. A prime example that I have used before is when we want to buy something. It is not the object that makes us happy, it is the focus that we have when in pursuit of the object desired. Focus does indeed create happiness and everyone knows it on some level.

Now turn to how does this translate into mastering the body?

Our body directly manifests what thoughts we nourish and nurture. If we have thoughts that are of positive quality, then our cells are happy. If our thoughts have a negative vibration to them, then that also is reflected in our body as cellular miserable!

We know that our organism—body and mind and spirit —needs to be balanced. This is called homeostasis, literally. When we come into balance, the result is happiness. In order to be balanced we need focus.
Many think when I say the word focus that I am referring to focusing on a project. That is one aspect of focus, but here I want to introduce the concept of focusing on your inner being.

What do I mean by inner being?

Very early on we come to identify with our physical body as this is ME. After all, it is physical, we can touch it and experience its splendor. And this body that we have come to so love and adore, after all we perceive it as ME, is subject to ill health, decay and eventually death.

This is not true! .You are not body, but the user of the body. This does not mean to turn away and deny the essence of your body, but to recognize it as a vehicle that must be maintained and treated with respect. But you must come to recognize that who you are not the body but a spirit who dwells within the body.
With that said, your inner being is the dweller, or the spirit.

The spirit is your deep root within and connecting to this root source is the key to health, healing and longevity.The longer you stay focused and connected to your inner being, the more you are able to transform your state of being—your life.
This is the secret to not being disturbed by the outside world.

Learning to Focus Requires Practice

We have all heard the expression “practice makes perfect” throughout life starting in childhood. We do know practice is needed to learn and improve on any function.
One practice that has been used throughout history is meditation.
Practicing Mindfulness in Focus Rewires Our ability to heal the body

How does it work?

When we repeat an activity, like playing an instrument, we strengthen the neural circuitry in the brain. You might have heard the saying that “practice is like building muscles for the mind.” The changes that we actually see is happening at the cellular level. For a minute, where is your attention right now. You are listening to this podcast and that is the focus of your attention. But you are also aware of your surroundings perhaps…the outside noises or if you are in a car, the traffic patterns.
Now see if you can shift your attention on the inside while at the same time being aware of the outside sounds. Imagine that you are listening with your entire being..from the inside out. Do this for 40 days and you will have a new perspective.

Practice enhances brain matter

So when we practice meditation in a precise and systematic way, instead of building muscle memory which by the way does not exist, you’re actually enhancing and building up myelin in neural pathways of the brain—creating a “superhighway of information connecting your brain to the rest of your body and especially your gut via the vagus nerve. Your inner being is connected to your cellular mechanisms vibrating rhythmically and in balance.

Focus Your Mind and Heal Your Body

Remember brain cells grow. They form connections with new cells and create new communication pathways. Some stop talking to others. And it’s not just nerve cells that shift and change as we learn. Other brain cells also get into the act. Thus we create a new environment for our body to operate.

Meditation brings your awareness into focus with a precise, systematic process that brings you from outside to inside. Learning to regulate the body, breath, senses and mind you discover that training the mind to focus is not that difficult. However, it does require practice. You would never expect to learn to play a musical instrument without practice, so why would you expect to work with the instrument called mind, without practice.

What can you do?

To strengthen your brain pathways supporting focus and attention, learn to meditate for 10 minutes per day. Just 10 minutes per day consistently will have profound effects on your mood, emotions and ability to focus.

My goal here is to make practice through experience center stage so that you can build a stronger brain network. Learn to master your attention, and you will be in command of your Body.

Four ways to get the most out of your practice.

1. Learn a precise and systematic practice of meditation. Here is a link to get you started.

2. Set aside a specific time every day, even if it is for one minute to sit, breath and practice. Here is a link to practice.

3. Create a specific space to do your practice free of distractions: cell phone, computer, interruptions and foot traffic.

4. Start slowly to build a foundation. Create a target time less than what you think that you can do and stick with that. Example would be 5-10 minutes per day. Follow this for 40 days. Then re-evaluate. If you go over the 5-10 minutes then that is a bonus, but don’t make that your target.

Visualize yourself sitting with your head neck and trunk aligned and set the intention that this is your time to meditate and know that you will do it, want to do it and can do it. Turn your will into action. Meditation training is not a silver bullet. But when combined with at least 10 minutes of formal daily practice that is supported over a sustained period, it can lead to really valuable change. Then you can say that meditation works.

Herewith a link to the Focus Your Mind/Master Your Body Podcast