Five Steps to Heal

Woman Meditating on the BeachHealing means to bring yourself back into balance to make whole. The use of the word, “heal” has been documented before the 12th century, so it is not a new concept. As a  foundational  concept we will look at healing as being necessary when we are out of balance and must return to wholeness.

Healing ultimately starts in the mind although many would think it starts in the body. When our mind becomes disturbed, distracted or depressed we need to harness its energy and return it to calm and clarity.  This at times can be very difficult and then we create a habit pattern keeping us in a continual imbalanced state.  In order to change the course of action,  and assess what is our issue and from where it originated we need to approach the issue systematically.  Keep in mind that there appear to be many reasons for becoming ill or out of balance; but the root of all causes is  our loss of the sense of who we are and our life’s purpose.  Not knowing our life’s purpose we lose sight of our destiny when situations come up and we let disturbance, distraction take hold of our well-being. At this point our body starts to show signs of illness.  The 5 steps that I have outlined here can get you started on your journey toward healing and ultimately feeling good.

Step into Healing

Step 1:  Remain Calm

Remaining calm sounds unattainable but actually it is not.  It requires us to practice not letting the outside influence our inner peace.  Studies have shown that the effects of a reactive mind e.g. perceived threat,  have deleterious effects on the body influencing the ability to fight off aliens whether viral or bacterial. As well as causing our body to lose its innate ability to heal from any of the environmental insults that have been acquired.  When we remain Calm we have an awareness that allows us to stabilize for a moment and not create any damage.  So instead of having a fit when we are in the midst of a disaster whether perceived or real, we can train our brains to remain in a safety zone to operate accordingly.  Remaining calm gives us the opportunity to gain an understanding of where we are.

Step 2:  Access Where You Are

Knowing where we stand in the midst of change and imbalance, is the result of remaining calm.  Many people find it difficult to really take a good look of where they are in the great scheme of things. For example, if you are having difficulties with energy, it is important to see what is causing you to feel fatigued and not feeling quite right.  Many overlook this and continue to press with stimulants like coffee and teas thinking that somehow the fatigue will simply go away.  Perhaps on the surface it goes away but on a deeper level it still exists.  It is always best to assess exactly where you are if you are going to remove the cause of what is ailing you.

Step 3:  Remove the Cause of the Problem

We can only root up the issue if we are aware of what is causing the situation.  It is quite difficult to change the present  if we are gripping to what is feeding the issue.  For example, if you are feeling anxious and you are in the habit of skipping meals, then you can’t overcome the anxiety if the root cause is lack of glucose that you get from a meal to feed  your brain.  So, it takes a calm and honest assessment of your habits  to remove the cause of the problem, because as we saw in #2, many find it difficult to take an honest look of where they are.  Once we remove the cause we need to repair the damage.

Step 4:  Nourish

When we nourish we repair and nurture our entire being. Many stop at the removal of the cause but don’t think to replenish and bring themselves back equilibrium.  To nourish implies to bring back the healthy quality of the tissues if we are referring to the body or the quality of the energetic field if we are talking on a more subtle level.

Step 5:  Patience

We have all heard that patience is a virtue and rightly so.  To be patient requires that we accept what is and know that things take time.  This is one of the obstacles that can play havoc on making us miserable.  If we give ourselves ample time to process what is going on, then the mind and body will heal on its own if given the right ingredients.  We must keep in mind the habit patterns that brought us to an  imbalanced state might have been practiced over months to years, so that means that they are deeply ingrained in our mind field.  We must be accepting and patient and careful not to harm by judging ourselves.  Healing is our birth right so not to worry, you can do this.


Life is about freedom and self-fulfilment which requires that we are healthy, happy and holy…here holy implies spiritual which comes in all forms.  Here is a review list of what to do to step out from where you are and walk the path of feeling good.

  1. Remain calm – continue with training your awareness
  2. Assess where you are right here and now – your body and your mind.
  3. You may enhance removing the cause by doing a detox diet
  4. Nourish yourself by preparing one fresh meal/day using quality foods
  5. Practice patience – it trains you to be friendly, compassionate, cheerful and clear