Feeling Good Matters Coaching Program

Feeling Good Matters Coaching Program

Do you want a lifestyle plan tailored to meet your exactly where you are?
One that takes into account your unique biochemistry at your specific age?
And…one that does not cause you to rely on someone other than yourself for wellness?

Feeling Good is a learned response. A habit that allows you to:

  • Recognize and accept who you are
  • Trust in your own vitality and resilience to be healthy
  • Develop the confidence in achieving your goals

To learn more about feeling good matters I have set up a coach-mentoring program designed to show you how to:

  • Master your vitality
  • Eat in tune with your metabolic clock
  • Meditate to feed your mind


  • Increased physical vitality
  • Improved physical and emotional resilience
  • More focus, energy and passion to fulfill your life’s purpose

Why Choose This Program

Anyone can write a wellness program or download one off the internet, but that plan isn’t an integration that works with both you mind and body and designed with your unique biochemistry in mind.


If you choose to be coached and mentored by me, you will get a lifestyle plan tailored to meet your needs – so you can

  • get the best out of yourself with
  • whatever time you have available to work, and have
  • confidence in achieving your goals.


And you can be sure that this plan has been put together with:

  • scientific backing,
  • attention to detail and most importantly, with
  • all your individual requirements and goals in mind.  
  • And…you won’t become dependent on me. You will become your own source of wellness.

If you sign up to learn, you will be mentored by me, Susan Taylor, you will not passed off to an assistant coach.

How To Get Started with the Coach Program

Before committing to working with anyone, I like to have a chat with you first to make sure I am what you are looking for in an integrative wellness coach, and that we both feel we could work successfully together.

We would also discuss the different options available, to make sure you’re getting the right level of support at the same time not creating dependence so that you keep your power.

Once we’ve got that sorted, we’d have an in depth conversation so that I can find out all about you

  • your wellness goals,
  • your diet,
  • lifestyle habits,
  • time available to work with me

I would then put together your focused, integrative lifestyle plan.  

Feeling Good Matters Coaching Program May 28, 2016
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