Not Feeling Good: A Matter of Digestion

Stoke Your Digestive Fire

So many times I hear someone saying “I eat well but I am still tired”.  Did you ever wonder why it is such a common theme?  The truth be told it is not just a case of having willpower. Many times it is because the foods you eat either lack the necessary nutrients to supply each and every cell of your brain and body or that your body is not extracting the necessary nutrition from the foods that you eat.  Even taking the best vitamins and most nutritious foods….this is all beneficial, will result in fatigue if you don’t have the capacity to digest those nutrients.  Your digestive health is the key to what happens to the nutrients that you take in.  A good digestive “fire”  transforms food and nutrients into usable and sustainable fuels to support a happy brain and mind.  You will even be able to burn off those foods that aren’t so good for you.

Most people experience the fatigue and fogginess associated with a  fire that is a pile of smoldering coals.  The result is that the ingested food and supplements will not only be non absorbed; but put the fire out even more.

There are several steps that will help you get your digestive fire up and roaring.

  1. Supply your fire with burnable and sustainable fuel.
  2. Tend to this fire with the proper herbs before taking in solid food.
  3. Maintain a steady constant flame so that all the food that you take in will be easily assimilated and that which is not needed, eliminated.
  4. Schedule your meals at the times where there is enough fire to assimilate the most nutrients.
  5. Give the fire some air to blaze… in other words, take a break and eat less frequently.

Despite what others may tell you, eating too many times per day will certainly keep the fire burning; but it will not be maximized and the side effect of that e.g., quicker aging.  Yes, your digestive function like your car needs to rest —the more you keep it running, the faster it will get old.

So take some time and experiment with your diet and see what foods keep you feeling more alert and happy and what causes you to feel sleepy and fatigued. Pay attention also to the time of day that you eat and see how you feel. Over time, you will learn about your own digestive system—what works and doesn’t.  You will be on the path toward feeling better each day.