Vilma Velarde, RN, IBCLE, MSI-BC

Vilma Velarde

Vilma Velarde, RN, IBCLE has been a practicing nurse since 1977. She has worked in Women’s Health, with high risk pregnancies, new mothers and their infants. She has been a board certified lactation consultant since 1997. Currently she is established in a chronic pelvic pain practice. Vilma began her personal journey into meditation after taking a 6 week stress reduction class. This began a dedicated search through the literature looking for scientific evidence to incorporate Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) into the western medical practice model she works in. Sharing benefits with her colleagues, patient population and private clients in one-on-one or group settings has solidified the foundation of her personal and professional meditation practice. Her goal is to share the benefits of meditation with her community and to promote healing from within. She lives in San Francisco with her husband and their three grown children. She is fluent in Spanish.

Location: California
Certification Year: 2010
Email Address:
Phone Number: [email protected]