Marta McCary, RN, APMSIII-BC

Marta McCary

Being quietly still in nature is how many of us relate to Meditation. As a teenager I trekked alone through the mountainous wilderness of Northern Canada. That first journey spanned a year in the silence of the vast, remote wilderness. Through that transformative experience I received simple, yet profound insights into the nature of reality. Unarmed and vulnerable to extremes, I soon realized nature’s forces were teaching me to stabilize my mind and sharpen my perceptions in order to survive. That journey was only the beginning of a long process of learning how to abide, in what is called, in the Meditative tradition, ‘the natural state’. Returning to civilization I began to train formally in Zazen Meditation and Aikido, (a Japanese Martial Art). Thirty-five years later I continue to meditate, because daily practice is essential for me to feel calm, sane, and balanced in a bustling stress filled modern world. Even with a steady practice it was not easy to maintain a healthy sense of well being while working in intensive hospital environments as an RN. Meditation teachers remind us that practice also offers a rare opportunity to reach true human fulfillment, even while living in the modern society. Now that my children are grown, I have been teaching Meditation over the last few years enjoying the slower more natural pacing of this profound work. With a science background, a well-seasoned practice, and perhaps a little wisdom mustered up from living life, I am transitioning to more full time teaching. Therefore, I am open to Meditation teaching assignments in a world hungry for balance and tranquility.

Currently accepting new clients.

Location: California
Certification Year: 2011
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