Karen David RN, BSN, MSI-BC

Karen graduated from the University of Maryland’s School of Nursing in 1988 with a B.S. in nursing. She began working as a nurse in a community hospital outside of Baltimore, and continued her career in nursing as a hematology/oncology nurse at the Medical College of Virginia. Taking time off from full-time work to raise three children and care for herself, Karen continued her career working part-time as a parish nurse for her local church community and as needed at the Infusion Center at Fauquier Hospital.

Karen continues to hold a current nursing license for the state for Virginia. She has furthered her education with courses in natural health and wellness and is now a certified wellness coach from Spencer Institute and a Meditation Specialist I-BC in Focused Awareness Meditation from the National Meditation Specialist Certification Board.

Karen’s practice model of focusing on offering a calm and balance guiding process to discovering an individual’s practice and passion in living well, can be seen in her work of individual wellness coaching, wellness retreats and meditation classes. Find more information about Karen and Live Life Well, LLC at livelifewellconsulting.com

“I bring to you all that has been given to me: a safe place to ask and learn more about your personal health concerns, a calm heart to encourage you in self- confidence and an empowering coaching model to guide you in making powerful choices for your health. Come walk this journey with me!”

Currently accepting new clients.

Location: Virginia
Certification Year: 2016
Email Address: [email protected]
Website: http://livelifewellconsulting.com
Phone Number: 540-219-1797

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