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Clients and Industries

  • US Department of Defense
  • Harvard University
  • Brown University
  • Aveda Corporation
  • Gannett Corporation
  • OnCourse Learning
  • Hunter Douglas
  • Organon Pharma
  • Osteopathic Association
  • American Nurses Credentialing Center
  • Exhale Spa
  • Yoga Works
  • Himalayan International Institute
  • Omega
  • Kripalu Institute

Susan's Topics

From rooms full of executives, employees and managers in companies to arenas of business owners, every audience will receive Susan’s message in a highly customized, interactive, and engaging.

Every event and presentation is tailored to meet the needs of the organization and to teach participants the inner skill set needed lead with confidence, live with resilience and experience the power to fully step into the leaders, collaborators, managers and directors your organization or company strives to create.

Below are topics Dr. Taylor has hand-crafted using the latest in neurological research, practical exercises, and leveraging her expertise in science, and practices developed over decades delivered through scientific knowledge and practical experience.

Conscious Leadership

Conscious Leadership Course focuses on transforming oneself and others through inner calm and resilience applied to both our professional and personal lives.  Taylor addresses leadership from an inner skill set rather than what is most often seen with outer technical, behavioral and psychological skill sets.   Participants learn to mentally condition themselves to manage their thoughts and emotions in order to focus, sustain concentration, and enter and stay in the leadership zone. The result is better relationships, listening skills, decision making and health and wellness—not only among leaders, but also among their followers.

Resiliency Training

Resiliency Training is designed on a model of “well-being” incorporating self-knowledge and self-awareness for participants to harness the power to utilize the mind’s potential for themselves and others.  Using evidence based science and practical skills participants develop techniques in mindfulness and focus, which is reflected in vision, self-identity and empathy for humanity on every level.  

Focused Awareness Master Class

Focused Awareness Master Course based on the nationally acclaimed Meditation Specialist Training is a mindfulness practice with the essential component of concentration to make it a complete training in meditation.  Participants learn the the science and practice of mindfulness in focus delivered in 5 steps to bring the awareness and focus supporting a resilient and confident mind.

Do You Have the Guts to Be Happy?

Do You Have the Guts to Be Happy?  Based on Dr. Taylor’s best selling book, Feeling Good Matters,  Taylor brings light to the Global Epidemic of Mental Illness resulting from our diet, toxins in the environment, non-human social interaction, nutrition and the decline in nature. Armed with the most recent research in the field of human behavior and mental health, Taylor will deliver the science and practices to create the stability, focus and resilience that leaders need to be successful in their businesses, organizations and/or communities.

Five Reasons to Book Susan

1. Customized Content and Service

2. Deeply Inspirational, Experiential Learning

3. She’s a Woman, Scientist and Humanitarian

4. Practical Strategies and Actionable Takeaways

5. Genuine and Dedicated to Serve Humanity

The Experience

  1. Customized Content and Service
  2. Deeply Inspirational, Experiential Learning
  3. She’s a Woman, Scientist and Humanitarian
  4. Practical Strategies and Actionable Takeaways
  5. Genuine and Dedicated to Serve Humanity

Taylor doesn’t just “give speeches” – she designs and delivers custom practical experiences that will engage your audience with her down to earth storytelling, interactive leadership exercises, scientific research, and practical strategies. It is one thing to talk about what is needed, Taylor gives the reasons why it is needed and the practical strategies to make it happen.

Dr Taylor is hired to design and deliver:

  • Opening keynotes that will support your event.
  • Compelling master classes that will train your organization or business in skills that support stability, confidence, resilience and focus.

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