About Susan Taylor, PhD

Susan Taylor is a visionary and thought leader. She believes that the energy of the mind is the essence of life. When we shift our focus, we are able to choose how and what we think, leading to a resilient, focused and calm state of being.

Imagine getting up each day with the confidence and understanding to navigate the ups and downs with calm and focus. Where you know and trust your “Self” to direct your lifestyle choices and actions with complete confidence. Recognized as a master teacher in diet and nutrition and meditation sciences,

LIsten to the Susan Taylor Podcast

The Yoga of Mind, Medicine, and Healing with Susan Taylor, PhD. On the Podcast, Susan explores a broad range of topics to create a vehicle for positive change in your life, and the life of others. Topics include: diet, nutrition, brain, meditation, yoga, holistic lifestyle, and the power of the mind to heal.

Bridging the Gap

Taylor bridges the gap between science and spirituality as she teaches  to connect to the inner source of knowledge and access the higher functions of being to experience the joy and vitality that lies within our own realm of consciousness. Her teaching is based on the understanding that our external world is a reflection of our internal well-being created by how we think and feel.

Focus the Energy of Your Mind

Taylor is leading,  “focus the energy of your mind”  the  movement to inspire others to go beyond the status quo to bring individual change that is needed to collectively bring a healing force of positive change to the world.

Trained Scientist and Practitioner

A trained scientist and practitioner, Taylor has based her career on understanding the link between psychological function and physical reality, and how the mind-body matrix plays a role in our personal and community  health and healing potential. Her area of expertise lies in understanding the essential functions of the mind and through proper training can serve as a tool for someone to discover and go beyond their current health status  quo.  Her trainings have been utilized by those experiencing  emotional and physical stress resulting in  physical and emotional  issues such as: Anxiety, Depression, Lack of Confidence, Distraction and Fatigue.  Taylor integrates Ayurvedic Diet and Nutrition, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Focused Awareness Meditation so her students and clients can experience the positive force that leads to change. She has achieved national and international recognition for her teaching of practical ways to integrate the best of Western Medicine with natural healing traditions.

For more than 30 years, she has been teaching the integration of nutrition and meditation science as a wellness model for health and healing. Taylor developed the widely acclaimed Meditation Specialist Training, which provides a unique skills-building competency platform that leads to certification for teachers and health care practitioners world wide.

Her long career began at Columbia University Medical School of Nutritional Sciences, where her master’s degree work became the basis for a clinical nutrition practice specializing in the nutrient factors that affect psychological function. Through client and workshop sessions, she concentrated on resolving the physical, emotional and psychological issues related to diet.

She later earned a PhD from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, where she conducted research in Nutritional Biochemistry that appeared in The American Journal of Physiology, Analytical Biochemistry and Clinica Chimica Acta.

Author and Teacher

During the past decade, she established the Center for Meditation Science, which provides hybrid-integrated nutrition and meditation programs internationally to wellness practitioners, teachers and business professionals. Her scientific acknowledgement as an expert in Meditation Science appears in the Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology.  

Dr. Taylor has authored several best-selling publications that include  Feeling Good Matters: The Yoga of Mind, Medicine and Healing, The Vital Energy Program, Sexual Radiance, and The Healing Power of Meditation CD series. A frequent guest on radio and television programs, she also hosts the Susan Taylor, PhD,  online podcast.

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