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Center for Meditation Science

Wake up each day inspired! Address your lifestyle from the physical, emotional and spiritual dimension. Integrating mind- body science, your sessions with Doctor Susan address the essential nature of focus, energy and creativity in a personalized approach; human-2-human.

Train your mind for more focus, energy and creativity without stress. Integrating the Art and Science of Meditation and Nutritional Neuro-Psychology in both Online Course format and Webinars Doctor Taylor delivers evidence-based and practical skills to master your life.

Susan explores a broad range of topics to create a vehicle for positive change in your life, and the life of others. Topics include: diet, nutrition, brain, meditation, yoga, holistic lifestyle, and the power of the mind to heal.

Meditation Teacher Certification Training


While many practitioners may offer mindfulness and meditation, very few create programs that are firmly grounded in science and evidence-based practices.  Dr. Taylor’s comprehensive focused awareness training, a mindfulness practice with the essential component of concentration provides a path to transform yourself, teach others and impact the world.   Becoming a Board Certified Meditation Specialist provides the credibility and the competency to establish yourself as a teacher of focused awareness

Feeling Good Matters


Feeling Good Matters is both the name of Susan’s latest book and her mantra for a joyful, focused and empowered lifestyle.  A timely, practical approach to rewiring your physical and emotional wellbeing, Feeling Good Matters provides an easy-to-follow blueprint for resilient living – and gives you permission to take well-deserved time for yourself.  Through time-honored principles and science-based nutrition and meditation practices, you’ll learn quick, authentic and effective ways to “walk the path” toward becoming more calm,  confident and resilient from the inside out.

Feeling Good Matters: The Yoga of Mind, Medicine, and Healing by Dr. Susan Taylor

Live on-site workshops for groups with Dr. Taylor, train the Mind for more focus, energy and creativity without stress.

The Resilience Training is designed to train the mind to focus with an outcome of new results. Utilizing a neuroscience evidence-based training, participants develop awareness and focus skills that can be applied both professionally and personally.